COVID-19 Tennis Protocols

  1. Please sanitize your hands both before and after playing your match
  2. You must enter the full name of your opponent when booking a court – not just their initials
  3. No guests are allowed at this time and the guest function should not be used when entering your opponent’s details
  4. You must only handle your own tennis balls. Do not handle your opponent’s tennis balls even if you are wearing gloves
  5. Doubles partners must be from the same household
  6. Juniors (under 16’s) must be accompanied at all times on the premises by a parent or guardian
  7. If you are playing on the grass courts do not encroach on the croquet lawns to recover a tennis ball if there are players on the croquet lawns
  8. Members are asked to make sure they cancel bookings if they are not going to use the court. This is important not only from a contact tracing point of view (ie we are not wasting resources tracing people who weren’t actually in the club) but is also a matter of courtesy to other members who may wish to avail of the courts.