It is a little-known fact that croquet was invented in Ireland in the 1830’s and so Carrickmines is privileged to be the worldwide ‘home of Croquet’. We have four top-class lawns and a very active group of players of all ages keeping the tradition going strong, from beginners to the current World Champion.

Both versions of the rules are played here: the technically-challenging, strategic Association Croquet and the fast-paced, hard-hitting, tactical Golf Croquet.


The main season runs from April – October with lots of keenly-contested competitions, but we practise and enjoy friendly games throughout the year. We invite all members to pick up a mallet and join us at any time, especially at weekends and Wednesday Club Nights when coaching is provided.

Upcoming Competitions


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4th June: The Championships of County Dublin 2021

31st July: Croquet Championships of Ireland 2021

Senior Coaching


Carrickmines croquet offer a range of free croquet coaching classes for beginners and more experienced players. The coaching programmes are usually arranged in early spring and early autumn – for further details, contact the Croquet Director, Sandy Greig, email

Junior Coaching


A croquet coaching programme for Junior members starts in early spring each year. There is also Junior Coaching during school holidays. For more details, contact the Junior Croquet Director, Anne-Marie McGowan, email

History of Croquet in Ireland


Few people realise the strength of the influence of Ireland on croquet during the early nineteenth Century. The origins of the game are obscure and it may well have had ancient beginnings, but it is clear that wherever it came from, it was developed in Ireland in the early part of the nineteenth Century.


The Field of 1858 mentions “meetings of the County Meath Croquet Cracks”. They were mostly young and met at each other’s houses: the reporter was George Annesley Pollok. Later that year he sent a copy of his rules and called them “The Rules of the Oatlands Club”. That is the first mention of a croquet club. The noted croquet historian Dr Prior, in his book of 1872, makes the categoric statement “One thing only is certain: it is from Ireland that croquet came to England and it was on the lawn of the late Lord Lonsdale that it was first played in this country”.


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