Centenary Tennis Clubs

The CTC is a worldwide association of tennis clubs that are more than 100 years old, including some of the most prestigious clubs in the sport. Carrickmines CLTC is an active member of the association. 


For over a decade, Carrickmines has hosted overseas teams for an U12 tournament competing for the ‘Carrickmines Cup’. Regarded as a very prestigious tournament in the CTC fixture list, club members have shown great commitment by hosting all the players. Five overseas teams were hosted in 2018 from Prague, Stockholm, Barcelona, London and Santander.


Carrickmines Junior Teams also participate in an U14 event in Real Club de Tenis Barcelona. And the club has a very successful Junior Exchange programme with Santander for junior social and tournament players.


For more information, visit the CTC website.


Carrickmines Cup : Past Champions

2006: 1. Cesky (Prague)

2007: 1. Cesky (Prague)

2008: 1. Cesky (Prague)

2009: 1. Cesky (Prague)

2010: 1. Cesky (Prague)

2011: 1. Cesky (Prague)

2012: 1. Cesky (Prague)

2013: 1. Cesky (Prague)

2014: Carrickmines (Dublin)



2015: 1. Cesky (Prague)

2016: Carrickmines  (Dublin)

2017: Carrickmines (Dublin)

2018: 1. Cesky (Prague)

2019: SALK (Stockholm)

2020: Pandemic

2021: Pandemic

2022: Cumberland (London)

2023: SALK (Stockholm)