COVID-19 Croquet Protocols

  1. Equipment must not be handled by more than 1 designated player per match. Where possible, retrieve and position balls with foot or mallet.
  2. Clean the balls (and if necessary, hoops & peg) after use, using a bleach & water bath or spray.
  3. Scoring clips or sticks may not be used.
  4. Mallets must not be shared. Players must only use their own croquet mallets, but may, by arrangement, borrow a mallet owned by another for their own exclusive use during the time of these restrictions. Do not touch another player’s mallet.
  5. Players must not shake hands, and must take precautions to avoid breach of the 2m distance rule before, during or immediately after the match.
  6. Players must adhere to the 2-metre distancing rule at ALL TIMES during the match
  7. Double-banking of singles games is permitted. When blocked by the other game, step off the court.
  8. Double-banked doubles Golf Croquet is not permitted.
  9. On the opening shots of the game, the player(s) not striking must be at least 2 metres off the court
  10. Upon completing a shot, the striker should move directly backward. This allows the second player to know where the opponent will be moving each time, and avoid accidentally entering a 2-metre radius. Players are advised to turn around, rather than attempt to walk backwards.
  11. Players must avoid standing still in the striking position for a period after their shot, as this may impinge on the opponent’s route or walk up to their ball.
  12. Players must not touch the hoops with their hands during the game for any reason.
  13. To decide “touching balls”, or whether a ball has scored a hoop, or the coin toss, both players must take turns to assess the situation, adhering strictly to rule no.6 (Distancing).
  14. Spectators and Referees are not permitted.
  15. Players must be cognizant of other competitors on adjacent lawns. Adhere to Rule no.6 (Distancing) at all times when nearing any shared boundary.
  16. Spitting on the lawns or in their vicinity is not allowed.
  17. Any seating for outplayers should be single and isolated, with seats 5m apart, and without armrests.
  18. In doubles, the partner must stand aloof and may not give coaching or position the striker’s ball for a croquet stroke.
  19. These guidelines should be displayed at each lawn or court.