Guidelines for clay court usage

The Tennis Committee has prepared the guidelines below for the clay court usage to help you get the most from the court and to protect our clubhouse and its surrounds.

Please always leave the court as you would wish to find it – ready for play.

  1. The clay court must be swept and the lines brushed prior to your allocated end time on court.  Please allow 5 minutes to complete this.
  2. Please be sure to apply hand sanitiser (provided) both before and after you use the sweeping brushes.
  3. The drag brush and line brush are located at the back of both ends of the court.
  4. Kindly return the drag brush to its hook, and leave the line brush beside it, when you’re finished sweeping the court.
  5. The line brush does just that, normally starting with the outer tram line – working inwards – and finishing with the baseline.
  6. Drag the wider brush in ever decreasing circles, as per the diagram attached to the side of the court.  That ensures that most of the clay remains on the playing area.
  7. Shoes – foot bath and brushes are provided, to keep the clay out of the clubhouse. Ideally, change out of your court shoes after you finish play.
  8. Playing shoes – worn soles are best, as you don’t need too much grip. Your indoor court shoes will work.
  9. Finally, before you leave the court, you should tap the loose clay out of your shoes, so that we can keep as much clay on the court as possible, and clean your shoes using the shoe baths and brushes provided at the court entrance/exit so that you are not spreading any clay when you leave.

Many thanks for your cooperation in keeping the clay court and the clubhouse and grounds in excellent condition.