Men’s Senior League

The league section of mens senior league finished last weekend. We have 1 team in a playoff match this Saturday at 11am in Carrickmines. It is at the same time as some rugby match in Japan but we know where the true loyalties of Carrickmines members lie and we look forward to seeing the O35 team well supported. Congratulations to the team on a great campaign so far.

The change of teams this year to one team in O35, two at O45 and one at O55 seems to have worked well and all teams were competitive in their sections. Two teams were unlucky not to progress having scored 10 points which saw other teams in their league progress to the playoffs.

Senior Thursday League O65
This league continues on Thursday mornings with our team facing an away match this week at 11am, in St Mary’s. Winning the match will see us through to the playoffs.