Guidelines for Resumption of Croquet in Ireland on 1st December, 2020


  1. Croquet clubs will be allowed to reopen from Tuesday 1st December with restrictive measures being in place. Play can recommence only in clubs with effective contact tracing systems in place (e.g. amendable lawn booking system which records players names and phone numbers).
  2. From Tuesday 1st December, players must not travel outside their county of residence to play croquet.
  3. From December 18th to January 6th, croquet may be played at family gatherings as the COVID-19 restrictions allow intercounty travel over the Christmas period.
  4. Tournaments and competitive play are prohibited as croquet is not an elite or professional sport according to current government criteria.
  5. Court equipment must be handled minimally (hoops, peg, flags, corner pegs, balls, clips) and unnecessary equipment dispensed with (e.g. Golf Croquet scoring clips). Where possible, retrieve and position balls with foot or mallet.
  6. Disinfect equipment after use as appropriate. Disinfecting balls and clips is obligatory. Hand sanitiser should be used before and after games.
  7. Mallets must not be shared. Players must only use their own croquet mallets, but may, by arrangement, borrow a mallet owned by another for their own exclusive use during the time of these restrictions. Do not touch another player’s mallet.
  8. Players must not shake hands, and maintain 2m distance before, during or immediately after the game. Players must be especially aware of this during play when balls may be positioned in close proximity and avoid crowding during alternating shots (e.g. the start of the game).
  9. Double-banking of singles games is permitted. When blocked by the other game, step off the court.
  10. Doubles games of Golf Croquet are not permitted.
  11. Double-banked doubles games of Association Croquet are not permitted.
  12. To decide “touching balls”, or whether a ball has scored a hoop, or the coin toss, both players must take turns to assess the situation, adhering strictly to rule no.8 (Distancing).
  13. Spectators and Referees are not permitted.
  14. Players must be cognisant of other competitors on adjacent lawns. Adhere to Rule no.8 (Distancing) at all times when nearing any shared boundary.
  15. Any seating for out-players should be individual and separated by 2m.
  16. In doubles, the partner must stand aloof and may not give coaching or position the striker’s ball for a croquet stroke.
  17. These guidelines should be displayed at each lawn or court.
  18. Enjoy your croquet safely, being always conscious of fellow players.