Updated 28th July 2021




The following COVID-19 restrictions are in place 


Do not come to the club if you have any symptoms associated with Covid-19

Any members returning from overseas must not enter the club grounds until they have completed the required quarantining process as set out by the Government


Tennis & Croquet

  • Outdoor tennis & Croquet singles and doubles (from different households) is allowed.
  • Indoor courts are open for singles play. Indoor Doubles play is allowed where partners are from the same household.
  • Players must have a pre-reserved playing time, and details of all players recorded for contact tracing purposes.
  • Players should arrive at the court entrance no more than 5 minutes prior to the reserved playing time.
  • All players should maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Outdoor Competition and Tournament play is allowed. Such activity must take place under strict protocols and without spectators.
  • See detailed croquet guidelines below


Please avoid social contact on the club grounds as much as possible – please do not loiter in the car park, outside the clubhouse entrance area or on court before or after your game



  • The bar will re-open with outdoor (balcony) service and will close by 11.30pm.
  • Indoor Dining/Bar – We hope to have indoor facilities available soon
  • Thursday evening dining outdoors – diners will have priority use of the balcony area at that time but must pre-book as before. The maximum number permitted per table is 6 adults.
  • The gym will re-open with a maximum number of 5 people in it at any one time
  • Changing rooms and showers remain closed
  • Face coverings must be worn when moving through the clubhouse but can be removed once you are seated at your table. We will continue to record the names of everyone entering the clubhouse to facilitate contact tracing.


For more information:
Return to Play Protocols for Tennis Effective from June 7th, 2021

CAI Croquet Playing Guidelines 7th June 2021 AL