Club Championships

The events have been decided on and the entry form is ready and will be available shortly. Please consider entering our club championships!!  Even if you have not played before or never bothered, there are events for all standards including: new members, rusty rackets and non-league players. We especially look forward to welcoming all our new members to play and if you do not have a partner for an event the Tennis Committee will do their best to find a suitable playing partner for you.

We would also remind members about the Emma Duke Invitational mixed doubles Class 3 competition. This allows members to play with either another member or better yet, invite a non-member to participate. This year the competition has been organised at Summer League 2018 class 3 standard.

Another popular event is the Gold and Silver where partners have a combined age of 115 and over. The move to a spring time championship last year got our season off to an early and very enthusiastic start and we look forward to as many members as possible participating. Entries close on March 22nd.