Clay Court Installation Completed

The combination of good weather and long hours of hard work from our contractor’s team has resulted in the early completion of the installation of our new clay court.

I am delighted to let you know that the clay court has now been successfully installed and is available for booking now. Please remember to leave 5 minutes at the end of your match to sweep the court.

It is important also to remember that, in order to ensure all members get full enjoyment of the court, you must leave the court in the condition that you would want to find it, i.e. players must sweep the court and its lines after play. There is a drag mat and a line brush for each side of the court for this purpose. 

Please be sure to sanitise the handles of each before and after use.

The Tennis Committee has prepared a few short videos to show members how to properly look after the clay court, as well as the clubhouse and its surrounds.

The videos demonstrations may be viewed by clicking on the following links:

1. How to sweep the court
2. How to brush the lines
2. How to clean your shoes after play
This is an exciting and progressive step for our club and I really hope you will enjoy your experience playing the new court and I would strongly encourage you to try it out, no matter what standard of player you are.

Gary Coburn