Club Rules of Note


Tennis Attire

Tennis wear including tennis shoes must be predominantly white.  Whites must be worn underneath tracksuits.  Shorts, t-shirts, skirts and dresses must be predominantly white.


Tennis Court Bookings 

Please adhere to the following at all times:

  • Indoor court bookings should be restricted to 1 hour, with no overlapping of players into a second hour
  • At least 2 names should be on all bookings
  • Cancel bookings as soon as possible if you are unable to play. Failure to cancel may result in court booking privileges being revoked for a period of time for the guilty parties.
  • All guests should be signed in and the appropriate green fee paid before they go on court.


Tennis Court Etiquette

Members should adhere to the following tennis court etiquette:

  •  When tennis courts are booked but not occupied, a period of grace of 15 minutes should be honoured after which the courts may be taken on a first come first served basis
  • Courts  should be vacated after an hour when other members are waiting to play
  • Please do not interrupt a game in progress.  Tennis matches are important to all members, irrespective of the standard. The following courtesies should be observed:
    • Wait for a break in play before crossing  a tennis court behind the base line
    • Wait for a break in play before retrieving a stray ball


Members’ co-operation in relation to the above rules is greatly appreciated.


The Tennis Committee